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A brief look at running Android 5.1 on a (x5-Z8300) Tronsmart Ara X5

posted 5 Mar 2016, 20:04 by Ian MORRISON   [ updated 6 Feb 2020, 17:04 ]
A prototype installation of Android 5.1 on a (x5-Z8300) Tronsmart Ara X5

Looks quite promising ... for example running VNC to remotely access an LXDE desktop which is running on Ubuntu 15.04 which is running in a 'chroot' environment which is running on Android 5.1 which is running on the Tronsmart Ara X5 which is running a x5-Z8300 CPU ... that's a lot of running!

Performance seems quite acceptable with an Antutu (64-bit) score of 41062 (scrolling down also showed the IO results: Storage I/O was 2393 and Database I/O was 675).