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How to convert a Meegopad T01 to dual boot with Android and Windows

posted 24 May 2015, 08:51 by Ian MORRISON   [ updated 5 Dec 2015, 17:09 ]
Instructions and software to convert a Meegopad T01 (Morefine M1 version only) device with a standard installation of Windows to dual boot with Android and Windows.

The installation software does not include Windows OS software or Windows OS license keys as it uses the Windows software already installed on the Meegopad T01.  The instructions show how to retain the Windows product key so that Windows remains licensed.

Update: This BIOS works on the Morefine M1 version of the Meegopad T01. Flashing other devices with this BIOS may result in bricking.

See here for the details with a video of the key steps is posted here: