Android on Windows Mini PCs

Post date: Apr 24, 2015 1:49:9 PM

Here's a simple way to try Android on your Windows Mini PC such as the Meegopad T01, Minix NEO Z64W and perhaps even the Intel Compute Stick! I've compiled the source of Intel's Android on Intel Platforms to successfully support a 32-bit environment. These instructions show you how to run a 'live' image from a USB. More details on the system can be found at

Download the USB image from here and write it to a USB either using 'Win32 Disk Imager' on Windows or using 'dd' on Linux. Next insert the USB into your device and boot into the boot menu (typically by pressing F7 or F11 immediately after powering up). Finally select the UEFI USB option to boot from your USB. The screen will then display the standard Android-IA menu and the Meegopad will automatically run the 'live' option due to the BIOS feature (bug) otherwise for the Minix NEO Z64W simply press return.

This current version of the Android port only gives you a basic system (without Google Play store) and although wifi isn't working yet at least ethernet works providing you an internet connection. In that respect it is similar to Console OS except that it runs with a 32-bit bootloader.

Although it is early stages it will give you the basic idea. I've made a video to tempt you here And if you like my work then please don't forget to donate!