Booting Ubuntu from SD Card on the Intel Compute Stick

Post date: Jul 17, 2015 3:34:46 AM

A check list 'how to':

1. Download LiveCD ISO and write to USB

2. Insert USB and an empty SD card to ICS and power-up

3. F2 to BIOS and change OS to Ubuntu

4. F10 to boot menu and select USB

5. Install Ubuntu to SD card

6. Once complete reboot

7. F10 and remove USB then boot Ubuntu

8. Install 32-bit GRUB2 bootloader packages

9. Reboot

10. F2 and change OS to Windows

11. F10 and boot Ubuntu

12. Download and run

13. Reboot and enjoy either Windows or Ubuntu


Use 'Rufus' (Windows) or 'dd' (Linux) to write the ISO to USB

When installing to SD card for 'Installation type' select 'Something else' and scroll down to '/dev/mmcblk1'. Repartition using 'New Partition Table' and change the newly created free space to 'Ext4 journaling file system' and use '/' as 'Mount point'

For 32-bit GRUB2 bootloader packages as 'root' enter 'apt-get -y install grub-efi-ia32 grub-efi-ia32-bin'

To remove 'ubuntu' from the F10 boot menu and revert to the original ICS option, boot to Ubuntu and use 'efibootmgr' to remove the 'ubuntu' entry (use 'efibootmgr' to see the entry number and remove using 'efibootmgr -b <just the number> -B')