Dual booting Windows and Ubuntu on a Meegopad T01

Post date: Jun 02, 2015 2:20:53 PM

A short video showing my Meegopad T01 dual booting Windows and Ubuntu from eMMC and SD card respectively https://youtu.be/7d0ZzGrNZEk

Installed is a fully licensed (and restorable) Windows 8.1 together with the latest Utopic Ubuntu 14.10 which I compiled to include wifi, the HDMI audio patch and a fix for the DSDT table. As the operating systems are segregated it maximises the full space available on the eMMC and SD card for each.

I'm also running the latest BIOS using 32-bit boot loaders to execute the standard Windows boot manager and Grub 2.0 for booting Ubuntu with both being installed on the ESP partition.