Linux for RK3288 devices through a chroot environment

Post date: Oct 16, 2014 1:38:40 PM

As an alternative to my post about Linux for RK3288 devices below you might instead want to try Linux through a chroot environment.

You will still need an RK3288 device that is rooted, a terminal emulator installed and an SD card loaded with the RFS from the previous post.

Then you will need to download the script to run the chroot command from

To enter the chroot environment, in a terminal window first 'su' and then simply type:


The first time you run the script it will configure the RFS on the SD card as a chroot environment. So be patient and follow the prompt for setting a VNC password. Subsequent runs will immediately take you into the chroot enviroment.

You can then use the chroot enviroment from the CLI, or you can access an LXDE desktop either locally or from another computer by using VNC to the IP address of your RK3288 device on port 5901.

To exit the chroot enviroment simply type 'exit' at the CLI shell prompt.

As you will be running Linux under an Android kernel, not everything will work the same as running under a Linux kernel. For example, running Firefox from the menu will not connect to the network due to ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK being set. However if you open a terminal window and type 'gksu firefox' it will function correctly.