Run Linux from an SD card with RFS on a USB

Post date: Dec 10, 2014 10:17:36 AM

Additional flexibility in running Linux from an SD card on a RK3288 device through the ability of having the Linux root file system on a USB.

The following script allows you to create the bootable SD card on a Linux PC giving you the advantage of being able to:

- Experiment more freely with kernel/resource alternatives

- Use a know working RFS

It uses a standard boot image and parameter file and comes with a default generic RK3288 Linux kernel and resource image which you can replace as required.

Download the file from and uncompress it to get the script and supporting files.

First check your bootloader version and if necessary flash the RK3288Loader_uboot_V2.17.02.bin to your device to allow SD card booting.

Then insert an SD card and enter:


The last step is to put the Linux RFS on a USB. As a starter you can download one of the examples in the 'downloadable-rfs-examples' file and write to USB using 'dd'.

Then insert your SD card and USB into your RK3288 device and power up to enjoy Linux.