Ubuntu LiveCD for the Meegopad T01 (Morefine M1 version only)

Post date: Jun 13, 2015 10:32:28 AM

So finally I've created an updated Linux kernel with both audio and HDMI sound and baked it into a LiveCD bootable from USB on the Meegopad T01. With this you can both use and install Ubuntu 14.10 just how it should be!

There is a pre-requisite however - the BIOS. In order to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu I use the 32-bit bootloader BIOS. However there is a 'bug' in the default ACPI DSDT which was identified by Paul Kendall and results in making any working 32-bit kernel dependent upon the BIOS. So I'm using a specific BIOS and I've built a kernel from the latest Ubuntu kernel source for the Utopic (14.10) release with an updated DSDT based on that BIOS and also included the RTL8723BS wifi driver from Hadess and the HDMI audio patch from Intel. I've then customized the Utopic desktop Ubuntu installation CD to include my updated kernel and the GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (EFI-IA32 version).

Updating the BIOS is easily done within Windows however you must remember to first extract your Windows product key from your existing BIOS if you have a pre-installed activated Windows version otherwise you'll loose it. Better still you should also keep a copy of your original BIOS externally from your device so you can always reinstall later. Also you can always reactivate your Windows if needed once you have your product key.

The basic installation instructions then are relatively simple. In Windows on your Meegopad T01 first download and uncompress the BIOS installation software "Meegopad_T01_Linuxium_BIOS_Installer.7z" from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B99O3A0dDe67OVJENU4zSVdOUFU on your desktop. Go to this folder and execute 'Save_Windows_product_key.bat' to save the product key and check that the newly created 'Windows_Product_Key.txt' file does include a product key. Then right click on 'Save_Original_BIOS.bat' and select 'Run as administrator' to save your current BIOS. Next right click on 'Update_BIOS.bat' and select 'Run as administrator' to flash the required BIOS. Finally download "ubuntu-14.10-desktop-linuxium-meegopadt01.iso" from and copy to a USB using "Rufus" in Windows (or "dd" in Linux) and then boot to the LiveCD USB. I've included more detailed instructions here https://docs.google.com/document/d/10tA4ebA1d6-CZju0V92a7fgQGgGgUIqPGK85E32HqCU including a beginner's tutorial on dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. There is also a short video showing the required Windows steps here http://youtu.be/tLIimhFpOqs and an brief introduction to the Ubuntu LiveCD here http://youtu.be/4jFRO65I1JI.

Update: This BIOS works on the Morefine M1 version of the Meegopad T01. Flashing other devices with this BIOS may result in bricking.

A lot of work went into creating this so I'd appreciate your donatation at http://goo.gl/nXWSGf.